CapFiX Sdn. Bhd.


CapFiX is a global online marketplace connecting advertisers from all over the world with their preferred local WiFi hotspot hosts in a country of their choice, to execute Location Base Advertising, and enable WiFi hosts to monetize their WiFi costs.

On one side CapFiX platform enables anyone who wish to list their available WiFi hotpot space and earn extra income in the form of advertising dollars. This effectively converts their WiFi cost to a revenue generator.

On the other side, CapFiX enables advertisers to buy precise location to advertise at local WiFi hosts. This cuts wastages in advertising and keep advertising spending low. The advent of Internet Revolution has completely transposed all conventional advertisement mediums. WiFi Advertising, is when one business leverage WiFi technologies to furnish promotional advertisements to customers. Cost Efficiency, Target Marketing, Interactivity and Feedback & Captive Audience are few of its advantages which makes it way ahead from many other advertising channels.

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