Incomtech specialising in the design highly professional, integrated security systems to meet the very specific requirements of all types of premises and businesses.

Our vision focus on the future technology, all IP based security system aiming to bring a new pragmatic perspective in distributing and providing custom-made security solutions to the public and commercial sectors.

The company is providing security solutions to the customers, all in IP based solution including surveillance system, access control system, burglar alarm system, building automation and internet security, even a wireless solution in Wi-Fi mode or point-to-point backhaul wireless depends on the application needed. Instead of the above system, we also design a network infrastructure for our customer, without a good network infrastructure, any IP based system will not work properly. By using IP based architecture, the entire system can be centralized to the control centre under the same network infrastructure, and it is ready future proved architecture and technology.

At Incomtech, our business mission is to build on our position as one of the world's premier security designer. We'll do this through a continued focus on what we do best. As a company, we strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders through a shared responsibility and commitment to:

Provide customers with high-quality products, leading-edge technology and services on time.
Achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
Conduct our business with uncompromising integrity.
Continuously drive for excellence in design, technology, product and service.
Display confidence in our customers, employees, shareholders, and neighbors.
Be a company of action.

Incomtech is dedicated to developing long term partnership with Incomtech’s partners based on the foundation of mutual trust, brand commitment, design and solutions. In the other hand, the services are also our core of business. When you choose Incomtech as your business partner, you are choosing the best services possible with well-trained customer service engineers to provide you solid pre-sales and after-sales technical services by phone, email, or site support.


Incomtech business offers a technology driven security, intelligent building, IT network and transport system focused consultancy service to Clients wishing to design, implement and integrate highly complex IT security projects. We provide best value to Clients when engaged early in a scheme working from the inception of a “think green” idea providing full lifecycle business case, feasibility, design and project management advice.

Our qualified design engineer are supplier independent and provide innovative best of breed solutions for the client that will ensure fit for purpose and deliver value for money derived from the latest proven technology on the market.

The scope of services and expertise offered by Incomtech encompasses and exceeds the normal industry offerings and as such we specialize in servicing the following markets and types of project:

Property and infrastructure security - security and access control systems, intelligent building systems, ID cards

Intelligent transportation systems – intelligent surveillance analytic system, RFID tagging, number plate and other vehicle and visual recognition systems and city wide surveillance systems, command and control centre
Telecommunications networks - fixed, wireless, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Mesh, backhaul and IP networks for either national, city wide or rapid deployment including transmission of voice, data and images.

The areas of technology that we specialize on are:

Area wide visual surveillance systems
Intelligent surveillance analytic system
Intelligent visual software applications
Number plate reading systems
Vehicle tracking and monitoring
Data centre
Access control systems
Perimeter protection
Telecommunications systems
Command and control centre

We are able to address security, safety and technology issues by offering integrated solutions where leading edge technology is combined with effective operational management business process. We work with our clients from the inception of an idea helping to turn complex projects into reality by offering a turnkey service through feasibility and implementation to live operations.


System design
System consultancy
Project management
Project maintenance
System training

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