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3.6 (based on 25 reviews)


Derek20 January 2023, 15:56

This is the worst house cleaning I have ever experienced. Appointment was at 11am, they arrived at 12pm.
Wiped everything using one piece of dirty cloth. Both cleaners do not speak English or Bahasa Malaysia. Communication was impossible.
They do not know how to clean toilets. Wiped glass with the same dirty cloth, leaving streak marks everywhere.
Mopped the floors and never cleaned the mop or changed the water in between cleaning - used one dirty mop and spread the dirt everywhere.
Didn't wash the basins. Didn't move the furniture when mopping. Just mopped around it. Cleaned the stand fan by using the same dirty cloth to hit the fan, spreading the dirt and dust everywhere and into the air.
My 5 year old kid can do a better job than this. How is this 'pro' on your platform. Please remove this pro immediately.

I would also like a refund on this service.
I had to clean everything myself after they left. In fact, they were doing such a terrible job that I asked them to leave early.
Looking at their reviews on their business page, there are others who had similar experience as me.


Tommy 20 December 2022, 17:06

Very bad experience with this cleaning service , booking 12pm but cleaner late one hour only come , the male cleaner send over totally no experience at all , cleaning one normal toilet take one hour plus and after cleaning the toilet I chck my whole toilet ceiling was wet , he was spray the water whole toilet included the ceiling , now my toilet ceiling have water mark …. After clean is like totally same no clean at all , all dirty stain and water stain still there !!! My first time saw this type of cleaner , for those wana booking this cleaner service pls think twice better do it urself if not u need pay money and get anger and even need spend money to repair ur toilet ceiling after let time clean ur toilet , this cleanning service agency totally bad bad bad

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Kelvin15 December 2022, 18:54

Warning you all, do not book this vendor!

7/12 - I booked 4 hours Post Renovation cleaning, CHANDRANX RESOURCES accepted the job. Appointment set at 11am 13/12.

13/12 - I arrived at 10.50am, wait until 11am no show, 11.10am I give the lady boss a call, sound like she is not awared that she had cleaning appointment with me today, giving me a reason *can't reach her driver*. She was not taking initiative to response me until I ask what's the solution. Around 12.45pm, she asked me 2.30pm can or not? Then I was like what's the appointment 11am for? When I asked what happen to the driver, she said phone battery died, by here I already knew their pattern mari. But Im still giving her a chance, accepted her solution come at 2.30pm.

Nightmare started
2.15pm - 1 driver with 2 young bangla men arrived, communication was a problem, I hardly understand their English and Malay. They don't know what to do, where to start from. I told them clean everything every corner.

After 1 and half hour I come back to check, it is more likely to be a normal home cleaning. I stopped them and explained to them we are now doing post renovation cleaning, I believe they cannot understand. They didn't even bring thinner to clean those cement stains, paint dirt on the flooring and windows. Their cleaning tools were useless. Ended up I went outside to buy cleaning tools.

I played as a leader role, pointing them where to clean, and myself also join cleaning together. It is like I hired 2 part timer to assist me. One of the young man said supposed not to be him, there should be someone else to clean, this is his first time. I'm stunned! This lady boss treats me like a fool, sent 2 men who has zero experience to do post renovation cleaning. Even I asked them to clean and vacuum, they can't do it nicely, not clean at all.

When time passes 6.15pm, the young man showed me his phone, he set timer 4 hours said time is up, I almost pengsan, how dare you! I said to him ok you can go because I planned to complain to, customer service said will warn them to clean again or assign another cleaning team from different company to come at alternative date.

8pm - After that, the lady boss sent another team ( 1 lady 1 man) to see what happen here at my unit. The lady maid was awesome, she knows what to do. The other men all are useless, just wanted to leave as soon as possible only. I no longer pointing the men what to do, they stood there and wait for my permission to leave, me myself and the lady maid clean at the same time until 10pm. Thumbs up to the lady maid.

At last, I was so exhausted that day, pay for cleaning service but I have to clean it by myself. Ridiculous! Blacklist this vendor, should have banned them to serve again.


Ayako19 August 2022, 10:26

Good teamwork


Sukat 09 August 2022, 02:50


Reasonable Price

Joanne04 January 2022, 01:06

Appointment on 10am. De prima call on 10.20am to inform will reach around 10.45am but reach on 11.25am.
I would agree if the are professional house cleaning service provider but not post renovation cleaner. They only do normal cleaning. After clean the wall still full of dirt. I ask the owner to come QC himself but he said will send another cleaner tomorrow 12pm.
Next day no turn up. After follow up and escalate, they call and mention want to come around 6pm. I've been waiting the whole day and this is a new house, I need to go back home for my own life as well, how can they expect customer waiting endlessly for their arrival.
I emphasize many times and even stated in my request in that I need to remove the paint stain. But they come even without a bottle of thinner. Just scratch and scratch on the paint stain. Even the wording on my tiles is still there.
To share is they clean my glass window very well. Clean my floor very well too others is not proper clean at all.
I don’t think they are the right choice for post renovation. I’m regretted on using on getting this service. Once and for all.
I had share my house cleaning video with too to show that my house was not clean after all.

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Lili22 December 2021, 22:15

They never come but trying to ask me for payment


Faisal21 September 2021, 10:36


Reasonable Price Helpful and Friendly Responsive

Azman31 August 2021, 13:16

The staff did a good job on cleaning my whole house prior to moving in. Highly recommended.

Reasonable Price Excellent Service Fast And Efficient Helpful and Friendly Responsive
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Senthamarai17 August 2021, 13:54

I will definitely come back with the excellent service that was rendered. I was sceptical at first to try out a new pro. But they proved me wrong.

Excellent Service Fast And Efficient Responsive

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