Honest about what needs to be done.


Good help. I've had a complete clean of my house. Possibly the time may be a little short for complete cleaning but it was executed well enough, though not detailed. May opt for longer period for more detailed cleaning next time.


IKEA Omlopp lighting for counter top cabinet. Expecting RECOMMEND.MY to assign pro which is from an IKEA staff.


Replace tap. Good work.

Jason Wong

Service good and on time.


So far so good


Cleaners works done efficiently.... They able to-
1-work under minimum supervision of the house owner.
2-follow instructions.
3- delivered delegated reasonable task within the time frame slot.

Reliable cleaning services.


Claiming as pest control means they have it under control, yet, there is no changes to the overall pest situation in the house and i had to top up another amount for another flash out that's similar to the first service they came in for. Issue not solved.

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

Hi, We have explain to your husband regarding this. Which your hse badly infected by German cockroach. Which now everywhere in your house. The package u requested is for General pest control. But you need to flash out whole hse at least 2 times to control it. According to your husband, he said its now less compare to last time. That mean we need to do again.

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