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-Demolition and waste disposal
-Concrete & masonry work
-Waterproofing walls & floor
-Wall and framing new and/or relocation
-Windows / doors / skylights – reconfigure, replace or add new
-Plumbing – supply, drain & venting rough-ins and fixture installation
-Electrical – replace, relocate or add power outlets, spotlights/light fixtures, service upgrade, etc.
-Data wiring – relocate/add cable TV, telephone and/or network jacks.
-exhaust fans
-Flooring – hardwood,ceramic tiles, marble, granite, etc.
-Cabinets, built-ins, countertops, shelving / closet organizers
-Housing or garden cleaning jobs
-Painting and decorating
-Finishing touches

"Reliable and can be trusted" —Carol

"The paint job was decent and very friendly advice from the person in charge Mr.Tim. " —Wymond

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