Modern contemporary design at Icon Residenz
Location grey Petaling Jaya
Completed 1200 - 1800 sqft Condo / Apartment Bathroom Kitchen Dining Room Living Room Bedroom Cabinet Modern Contemporary Carpentry Electrical Kitchen Cabinet Ceiling Painting Curtain Lighting Plaster Ceiling

Size: 1405 sqft.
Icon Residenz, the high end serviced condominium located in prime area of Petaling Jaya, developed by the renowned Mah Sing Group. A modern contemporary design direction is the main theme where the aim is to fulfill the space with ultimate comfort, quality, and nonetheless, a timeless vibe to provide a lasting feel-good ambience. Key colour palate consist of the warmth wooden beige, novel brown, clear white, with a hint of classic black and greens. One of the highlight is on various high-grade materials utilised to offer satisfying texture. Not to mentioned, the essential lighting aspect and unique featured-wall touch, where it lift up the overall picture. Subjects are a family consisting of 5, with their preference of emphasising quality and comfort over other aspects, we have had local expert builders who worked closely with us to deliver as above and, all pleasures are on us having the opportunity to walk the ‘creation of ideal home’ journey together with them.