✅ Feng Shui for Commercial Properties
Location grey KL & Selangor & Malaysia

Feng Shui Consultation for Business

Office / Shoplot / Retail lot / Restaurant / Factory / Warehouse / Hotel / Commercial Building / Property Development / Land.

What we assess during a Feng Shui audit ?

Survey of the external surrounding areas paying particular attention to
mountains, hills, buildings, flow of traffic, natural water entrapments such as water fountain, lakes, rivers & ponds.

Ascertain the facing and sitting directions of the business property.

Determine the direction of the main door and its best location.

Identify the good and bad sectors within the building.

Activate the good sectors and remedy the bad sectors

Determine if there is a wealth sector and if so, activate it.

Identify the best location for the kitchenette and the best position for the kitchen stove or microwave, if any.

Identify the best locations for work desks & best sitting positions for key management personnels based on information derived from the staff’s birth specifics.

Select the best location for the meeting room where deals are negotiated.

Identify the best location for the cashier, if any.

Other key issues that matter the most to your business

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