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1) Wet Works : cement, concrete, water proofing, Tilings, Pebble wash
2) Plaster Ceiling & Partition
3) Painting : emulsion, Wood & Metal gross or matt paint, Epoxy finishes, Road paint
4) Floor finishes : carpets, Vinyl, timber wood, Parque, lamilate flooring.
5) Carpentry Works : Wardrobe, Kitchen Cabinets, DIsplay Cabinet, TV cabinets, Wood Divider & Panels
6) Electric Works : Lighting Points, 13 & 15 Amp Power Points, Heater points, Aircond Points, Networks Cat 5 & 6 Points,
7) Security systems : CCTV, Alarm, Magnetic Door lock
8) Plumbing : Poly Tanks, Stainless steel tank, Poly Piping, Copper piping, Pvc piping
9) Aluminium glass works : Windows, Mirror & Shower Screen, Sliding doors, Multi- Folding doors, Bi-Fold doors
10) Window or glass UV tinting , frost tint ( With pattern)
11) Doors : Laminate doors, Texture doors, Solid Timber wood doors,
12) Mild Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Work : Grills, Gates, Awning roof truss, Metal roof truss, Metal roof Frame, Display Metal frame.
13) Curtain and Blinds. Custome made.
14) Aircond purchase and installation with services.

"Recommended contractor. Did not mark-up pricing much and completed quality work ." —rine69

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