WIP - house extension
Location grey Double storey landed
Stack of money Estimated price : RM35000.0

1. Foundation and Framing: The excavation and pouring of the foundation, followed by the construction of the structural framework for the new extension.

2. Walls and Roofing: Erecting exterior and interior walls, installing the roofing structure, and ensuring the structure is weatherproof.

3. Electrical and Plumbing: Running electrical wiring and plumbing pipes to service the new extension.

4. Drywall: Installing drywall for interior walls and ceilings.

5. Windows and Doors: Placing windows and doors to enclose the new space.

6. Flooring: Laying the flooring material, whether it's tiles, hardwood, or another type of flooring.

7. Painting and Finishing: Applying paint or finishing materials to walls, ceilings, and trim.

8. Fixtures and Fittings: Installing fixtures such as lighting, switches, outlets, and any additional fittings or features.

9. Exterior Work: Landscaping, siding, and any exterior finishes or features like decks or patios if part of the project.

10. Utilities and Systems: Connecting the new extension to existing utilities like HVAC systems, if applicable.

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