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Specialized in multiple home related services such as Home Cleaning, Aircond Servicing, Electrical and Wiring, Plumbing and others.

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They come on time with a very responsible supervisor, their service is very helpful for me as a working mom & wife. 5 stars for ur team!


I had to repeatedly tell them to clean the bathroom properly.. I had the cleaning detergent but the cleaner just pour water in bathroom n said already cleaned it. I showed her twice all the dirt n she told me to cleaning detergent. I showed her again n then she reluctantly cleaned. Another cleaner was just basically talking in the phone and wasting the 1 hr time. I will never ever request for this cleaners again. The worst ever!!!!!


The workers worked fast and followed all instructions given. Highly recommended.

Dr Mohd Muzhafar

The helpers complied to instructions. Did as requested. Go even further to ask me to recheck. Will recommend for further services. 5 Stars😊😊


They’re very punctual, prompt, cleaned thoroughly

Amarathunga0929 replied 20 days ago

Tq ms

Sara Lisha

I like their service, thank you!

Amarathunga0929 replied 20 days ago

Tq ms


On time, good attitude

Amarathunga0929 replied 20 days ago



excellent cleaning service...

Amarathunga0929 replied 20 days ago

Tq 🙏


Not being professional & not proactive despite charging more than what was quoted. Giving excuses like stain cannot be removed and will only try to clean when being pointed out, i.e toilet seat stain is not being cleaned until I requested. And not using the right cleaning detergent to clean, i.e use kitchen cleaner to clean shower screen.

Amarathunga0929 replied about 2 months ago

You asked two cleaners for one hours for RM 96...but three of us surved you for two hours.we charged only RM 130. There is a blockage in the drain at your toilet.and it was not a stain on the suface but a damage to the porcelain itself.its not our falt.sory.


My booking was noon time and they arrived at almost 4pm. They took only 1 hr to finish chemical servicing for 4 units aircon (3 wall + 1 ceiling). I have doubts that they did the job properly.


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