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GREAT! no problem at all, mesin basuh dapat guna dengan baik!! Servis pun berpatutan dengan perkhidmatan yang diberi. I love it! Thank you for helping me to solve my problem. Datang mengikut masa yang diminta dekat dan saya berpuas hati! Thanks :)


Services bagus, tiptop!! Really recommended and mesin basuh still can work well, good job!


Service yang terbaik!! Harga berpatutan, very fast services and my mesin basuh can work already. Sebelum ni ada masalah dan susah nak basuh baju, tapi lepas tahu ada services yang boleh repair terus contact and senang deal terutama waktu sekarang. Orang repair pun explain tentang masalah mesin saya dan baiki dengan elok. So far, saya berpuas hati sangat dan thank you.


Skillful and efficient in services. The time services is accurate according to my time requested. Help to explain the problem of my washing machine until i understand. Highly recommended, absolutely!


The services was good, fast and excellent. My washing machine can function back after repair. Definitely will recommend this services to other people!


Washing machine was not repaired eventhough problem was described earlier. Did not seem experienced because came and said the start button should work a different way when the button was working fine and the problem was something else.

Opened up some parts and then declared the motor is not working and there is no spare part for that. Told us to get a new washer.

Seems like anyone with no experience/repair skills can perform such task. A huge disappointment especially since it is my first time using

Medium picture1 Cool More Services Enterprise 13 August 2021, 15:12

Please accept our apology and also the misunderstanding, we thank for your comment, you did explain well before we came, but when we came open it up and checked, the model of spare part is bit old, which is actually discontinued, thus we unable can get it from the market. For this job, The technician did not mention about the service fee for it.

Guest Nahlah 13 August 2021, 20:26

The technician only opened up the washer to check what was wrong when my husband insisted him to check. Also, he even told my husband to move the washing machine for him instead of managing it himself. Please do not do the same to other customers.

Medium picture1 Cool More Services Enterprise 14 August 2021, 12:47

Dear Ms, normally we move washing machine by ourself. We want to clarify to you that under/near your washing machine, was well-decorated premium mosaics and grass mat. As a courtesy, the technician worried that repairing on the exact spot will contaminate your luxury belongings, and that place only allocate for a person, that the reason asked help that it would be slightly moved ideally upon checking. Doubtfully, after receiving FREE Doorstep Checking and Our technician had clarified that the washing machine spare part is discontinued and without charging ANY FEE and we also apology misunderstanding in the first place. Wise words say that "Looks aren't everything, can't judge a Chief without experience if there are no proper ingredients.


Did not call and did not turn up. When called, he simply said he will come tomorrow and asking for address. What for complete the particulars through website?

Medium picture1 Cool More Services Enterprise 13 August 2021, 15:48

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the service due to miscommunication was occurred. We will take full responsibility and will ensure that such incidence will not occur in the future.

Medium picture1 Cool More Services Enterprise 14 August 2021, 14:16

For Dear Customer, your washer is new and Under Brand Warranty, better ask the brand supplier to get free parts. We didn't request Service Fee from this case. However, since you have banked in it to, we have requested Recommend to RETURN the Service Fee back to you. So, NO CHARGES from us for this. Again apology to ask your home address again for location confirmation.


Job well done


this app is helpful and cool more services was just so nice.

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