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4.3 (based on 21 reviews)


Ned28 March 2021, 15:43

Good service and friendly


rashidah4475004 March 2021, 07:42

Did not come the next day as promised. Not pick up call and reply message


Danial10 February 2021, 12:03

Very friendly staff. And reasonable with the price. Very recommended


Nadrah22 January 2021, 10:02

Good service, friendly staff, give a lot of info


Tze Keat12 July 2020, 23:39

I requested for chemical cleaning for 2 units and to check 1 of my a/c unit as it only produced hot air. No issues with their cleaning services.

>> 29 June 2020
After they arrived, I requested for another a/c unit to be cleaned. Somehow the bill shows 4 a/c units with chemical cleaning when I only asked for 3:
- RM 320 x 2 units under Recommend
- RM 120 x 2 units = RM 240

After diagnosing my hot a/c problem, they mentioned the problem was an old fan motor and damaged capacitor. I accepted it as my a/c is more than 8 years old. So they quoted me an additional RM 500 for an original Panasonic fan motor replacement with 2 years warranty. The fan capacitor quoted was RM 90. They needed to order the fan motor and come back another day to replace it.

What I didn't know was that a valve and the compressor capacitor also needed replacement. They proceeded with the replacement without checking with me. It cost me an additional RM 60 for the value, RM 140 for the compressor capacitor.

When I asked why they replaced it, they just told me it was damaged and needed to be replaced anyway. Aren't service providers supposed to check with customers before making any additional repairs?

>> 1 July 2020
They replaced the fan motor and everything seemed fine. 2 days later, my a/c stopped functioning completely. I couldn't even turn it on so I called them to return to fix the issue.

They promised to come on Monday, 6 July... but it was raining heavily during our appointed time and the time was postponed to Tuesday, 7 July. Again, they did not turn up at the appointed time saying they were still servicing another customer. Now they said they would come at 8.30am on Wednesday, 8 July.

Once again, they did not come... no explanation given until later at 2pm with the reason that they received another "urgent" call in the morning. I was not available in the evening so it had to be postponed to morning of Thursday, 9 July.

>> 9 July
They arrived at 10.30am. After some inspection, they said my a/c stopped working because both the compressor bearing AND fan bearing were damaged due to rust. I asked how bad was the damage and if they could show it to me... and their response was, "sorry I can't even show you because it is so rusted that it has completely shattered. By the way, I happen to have the spare parts with me today so I can replace it right now." All I had to do was pay RM 125 for the compressor bearing and RM 125 for the fan bearing.

As an a/c service provider, I expect that they would do a thorough investigation and provide options on possible next steps. Since my fan motor needed replacing, shouldn't they have also checked if other parts are old, damaged, worn out or rusted? Especially since they clearly knew my a/c unit was very old.

So here's what I spent on parts for my a/c unit:
- RM 500 - fan motor
- RM 60 - gas valve
- RM 90 - fan capacitor
- RM 125 - fan bearing
- RM 140 - compressor capacitor
- RM 125 - compressor bearing
Total = RM 1,040 in parts

Cleaning for that single a/c unit:
- RM 120 + RM 120 chemical cleaning... did they clean it twice?
- RM 90 - gas refill
Total = RM 330 in cleaning service

To Recommend: Doesn't chemical cleaning services include gas top-up/refill?

Also, since the fan motor is supposed to have a 2-year warranty period, where is my warranty card?

If I knew from the beginning I would spend a total of RM 1,370 to service AND replace parts for a 8+ year old a/c... I would have purchased a brand new unit instead!


Kamarul28 June 2020, 20:52

Duit dah ambik 500,tukar 1 barang,cakap nak datang balik tak datang,janji nak pulang kan duit tapi tak pulang kan..saya akan buat report polis dan atas penipuan customer,


Wong Tze17 June 2020, 20:00

Reasonable price for quality services and troubleshooting work.


Hasnol Azwan30 May 2020, 15:26



Azimah23 May 2020, 12:04

They explained all the problems arise from the aircond n fixed them very well. Fast service indeed. Definitely recommended to use their services.


Wan20 May 2020, 17:34

I'm totally disspointed with the service provided. They are inexperienced peoples and pretend they know the problems. My Acson cassette 2.0hp is not fucntioning, the timer is blinking. They just said it is due to capacitor issue even without trouble shooting the unit. I asked to troube shoot, but they said it is not required. Changed the capacitor but the problem persist. I asked to come back and check, they came 2 days later but only to inform me the main board is faulty. I asked to really troubleshoot the unit, the guy is very ignorant and keep saying that its the main board issue, no need to check. Ask me to change the main board. Suspicious with the advice, I contacted Acson service center and they gave me advice that the real issue is due to water clogged or faulty pump, as I suspected. I texted guys from Coolpoint to ask if they are really capable and know what they are doing and ask to come and recheck but they have not respond.
I regretted dealing with them and wasted few hundred Ringgits for nothing.

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