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Crumbs & Cream is a bespoke cake business specializes in theme cakes. Everything is hand-made and scratch baked using good quality ingredients. We are truly passionate about cake and create exclusive cakes for all events from weddings to baby showers and any other occasions. We draw inspiration from unique sources to create a one of a kind cake to our client’s individual taste. Our strengths include technically challenge cake design like gadget replica cake, sugar flower cake and intricate design.

"Gorgeous fondant handiwork, and my chocolate fudge cake was to die for. Not too sweet and one could definitely taste the Quality. " —Deborah

"Lovely deco n high standard designs of cakes!! A must try really! Fondant is not the normal sweet fondant they're really nice kids n parents would love! " —Liz

"Good tasting cakes, beautifully designed and crafted with passion makes C&C a worthy competitor to the more established brands. Highly recommended for all occasions!" —Kevin Teoh

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