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DecoMass Residential Glass | Aluminium Doctor

Welcome to DecoMass Repair serving the Central Region : Selangor, federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Our professional, safe, and experienced handymen will help you scratch everything off your "To Do" list in just one call away.

We are offering this services as below : -

- Glass and Aluminum Doors and Windows.
- Tempered Glass Door Any broken hinges
- Tempered Glass Hardware replacement of all types of Glass and Aluminium
- Frameless Glass replacement and hardware
- Tempered Glass Hardware, Lock Set and Accessories.
- Patio doors & rollers changes and alterations Security grill or any type of sliding - Glass railing
- Skylight, lens; unique and customized designs done on glass
- Shower Door Repairs and Maintenance

My services are unique as I am capable of fixing and installing the impossible. Don't hesitate to give me a call for any questions.

We are providing the Condominium and Services Residential Area as a contracting based door and window contracts. This services are easy for the Maintenance Department to control the services area and even save the time for searching the contractor for maintenance purposed.

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