Carpet Cleaning
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Did you know ??? Most of the carpet is cleaned using traditional method which is only clean at the surface only. More than 90% of dirt and stain is still remain in the carpet pile or fabric when cleaning carpet using this traditional method. To solve this problem, we have improved our previous cleaning method “Quick Dry Duplex Cleaning System” to more powerful and reliable modern method that calls “Triplex Deep Cleaning System”. This new method is not only remain to dry your carpet in few hour but able to clean the carpet deep inside the carpet pile and groom the pile for better look.

What is the “Triplex Deep Cleaning System”?

(Shampooing + Pile Grooming + Drying)

Our Services are includes:

1. Conditional Inspection & Consultation Services before cleaning.
2. Fabrics Testing.
3. Preliminary Dry Soil Vacuum.
4. Carpet Preconditioning (Sanitizer, Pet Odor Control, Degreaser, Carpet Stain Removal & Spot Cleaning)
5. Triplex Deep Cleaning (Carpet Shampooing, Pile Grooming & Carpet Drying)
6. Secondary Vacuum.
7. Carpet Softening & Deodorizing.
8. Restoration Work (if necessary).

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