Sunway SPK Damansara
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Kuala Lumpur Selangor

Sunway SPK Damansara
With the desire to turn this residence into a spacious looking home, our team took advantage of our client’s receptiveness to the idea of house extension and transformed the home to accentuate the spaciousness of the interior and exterior spaces.

Working to the advantage of the fact that this two-storey house is unique with its high ceiling, we designed and build a Mezzanine floor which gave it a sense of spaciousness. A modern contemporary concept was ultimately utilized and paired with a neutral palette that accentuates this residence’s bright and spacious nature.

Seeing how the homeowners enjoy hosting, we extended the kitchen area to accommodate two open-concept kitchen in the home, it is furnished with a well-equipped line-up of kitchen cabinetry and an island counter that serves as additional storage, worktop counter and dining or entertainment spot where the hosts and guests can mingle with minimal disruptions.

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