Kaysha Café and Nail and Spa Parlour
Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya
Wall Cabinets Cyberjaya

It goes without saying that woodwork is essential for every residential and commercial project. Woodwork details are a great way to bring the wow factor – they play a role in enhancing the aesthetic of a space.

Creating innovative interior design features in carpentry is something we at Clover love doing. When exclusive décor is called for, that is when our in-house carpentry team are presented with the opportunity to tailor and assemble custom woodwork pieces for Kaysha Café and Nail and Spa Parlour.

A nail and spa parlour with unconventional concept, Kaysha combines dine and beauty under one roof. This beauty salon and café expresses a vibrant palette of “millennial pink” and gold plating into the interior, complemented by custom made woodcraft.

The spaces in this dine and beauty features an ensemble of materials such as timber louvers, laminate, marble, 4G glass, wainscoting panel, fabric padded wall, gold steel frame and coloured glass to create a cosy as well as a trendy appearance. Clover worked at many levels to create this beauty salon and café informed by key materials and colours, mixed with contemporary detailing and planning.

Although the space is definitively modern, the use of textural detail and materials, reinforce the impression that each woodwork in the interior is meant to be there, and it all adds to the timeless quality of this dine and beauty.