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Clover was established by a young engineer passionate about designing and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled services in interior design, renovation and carpentry. We provide end-to-end services from conceptual design to project management. Our residential projects include kitchen design and renovations, side and front porch extensions as well as demolition and restoration. Our commercial projects include designing and building retail outlets and renovating offices. Our expertise also include consultation for furnishing, lighting and many more.

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As a mechanical engineer, Stephen Ng (Managing Director) has always had an eye for detail and precision. He is used to dealing with micron tolerance which is well above the requirements of renovation and construction. He is very passionate about design and building and has extensive hands-on experience in the industry for more than 10 years.

Existing clients find that they can depend on Stephen’s knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best advice and solution for their building and renovating needs. Whatever the technique, technology or material used, Stephen’s work will always reflect the heart and dreams of his clients.

Clover is supported by a group of people who are passionate and committed to helping and building each other up to achieve more than what is expected. Whatever the task, they will rise to every challenge to deliver impeccable, quality outcome in their work. They dedicate themselves to ensure that the space transformation process is a smooth one for our customers. This extraordinary group of individuals makes the Clover Group what it is today.

"The renovation doesn't follow according to the design and quotation. A lot of items missed out or just simply replace with something cheaper to do it. The quality of work is not good.

After half year to 1 year from renovation completion, places start cracking and spoiled. Wall tiles work is not neat. Bathroom rework caused downstairs water leaking too, which causes me more money to repair. Wardrobe and kitchen cabinet layers are bended just after half year of use.

The renovation progress is slow and overdue for more than 3 weeks. They tend to have expensive extra charges if you have any add-ons during the renovation. I'm not satisfy with the work just after 1 year + living after renovation!" —King

"Stephen and his team did a good job for us and also provided valuable advice when need be. Fast response time. Responsible and flexible. TQ" —Zura

"Highly recommended for speed of delivery, quality of work and excellent follow-up services. We bought a secondhand home at the end of 2015 and needed a renovation contractor who can get the job done within about a month. Of the six contractors that we contacted, Stephen is the only who has the confidence to take up the job, and he not only delivered on time, but also carters to our every needs and demands along the way. Well done, and highly recommended." —crzlee109

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