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All good


Not on time, mention that is 11AM, but they were late for 1 hour 30 minutes. Service is ok, but very very skeptical about the charges. To change the toilet valve/pump cost me total of RM280 (RM120 for the valve/pump; RM160 for the service), and the 2 staffs are not fluent in BM, we can't understand what are they saying and I don't think they understand what am I saying too. I call their boss after that and reflect about the charges, and he did offered me a free service if next time there's problem with my house's plumbing. So I think it would be better to bring along one staff who are fluent is BM or english, so that easy communicate.


Professional and fast

Wan Aimi Binti

Easy to to get the contact for the service that i'm looking for. The person in-charge is really easy to reach for and give the good service.

Yeng Chong

Great work, very punctual and professional. Solved my clogging problem and reasonable price. Highly recommended!!

Wan Aimi Binti

Good Services by the Plumber name Mr. Ali. The clogged at the kitchen basin and he managed to fix it. He also have the initiative to clean the connected pipe. Very honest job. Will use he's service again in the future.


I did not use their service as I did not expect them to be good.


I have asked to to check a couple of switch points (4 in total). Thought there were some grounding issues. However, once they showed up (3 of them) upon inspection it was found that all my down-lights had issues with the LED converters and had to replace. Managed to repair 2 of them and they bought 2 more sets of down lights. Also asked them to check my dry kitchen's T5 lighting and they had to replace the light tray which also they bought. The job took 2 days (well in total was just 1 hour of work but took longer cause these guys needed to go and find lights and parts).


Labour cost to change 2 sockets is Rm200.00 Where the electrical shop I bought my 2 sockets only charge me Rm30.00 for labour. But since your Pro came I proceed with their service though I know the labour is very very high. This will be my first and last time using the service from this outlet


Kaodim charge RM 105 only. This company want to charge 400!

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