ditoso Right Brain Development Centre


ditoso is a right brain development centre. We will unleash the magical and mysterious powers from deep within your child’s brain together!

Our brain works on the principle of "Use It or Lose It!" The more we use it, the stronger it will be. Our goal is to provide quality stimulus to children's right brain, enhancing their photographic memory and auditory perception, tapping the creativity and imagination power within, through our fun activities and play-based stimulus.

'ditoso' means happy and blessed in Portuguese. We built "ditoso" the dream castle to nurture the imagination and creativity a child is born with, unleashing children's right brain power with our play-based right brain stimulation programmes. Children feel empowered and excited about learning when their right brain power is fully utilized through ditoso's right brain programmes, they will understand their world better, acquiring knowledge and information early and easily, excel in school, and grow up balanced and happy being humble and compassionate.

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