This Modern Condo in Taman OUG Feels Like A Private European Villa
Location grey
Stack of money Estimated price : RM150000.0
1200 - 1800 sqft Completed Condo / Apartment Living Dining Room Kitchen Hallway Classic Modern Bathroom

Project Details:
Location: Taman OUG
Property Type: Condo
Price: RM 150,000
Design Style: Modern
Description: A 1,782 sq ft condo in Taman Oug gets a classic European design, with ornate touches that give it a palatial look.Ceiling-to-floor glass helps to create an enchanting atmosphere, with full-sized mirrors and corner windows to breathe in the view.
Instead of cluttering up the space, this chandelier gives the dining space a ballroom feel.
This modern kitchen is roomy enough to host a four-course meal, and small enough for an intimate evening of drinking with friends or a date.Stylish and uncluttered, the light and wall-to-wall mirror lend an open, spacious feel to this room.Artwork at the end of the hallway get the gears turning in your head every morning when you get out of bed.The subtle effect of a mirror on a hallway lends a palatial feel to any home, opening up the floor to create a sense of elegance, grace and spaciousness.