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Double Art DesignStudio specializing in creating space where people could enjoy daily life built by urban situation and natural environment.

We built up with a team of professionals offer a complete range of interior design, renovation, construction and decoration services for both commercial and residential project.

Double Art DesignStudio work with some of the best known brands around Malaysia to create arresting and comprehensive environment with effective purpose.

We solved your dilemma when comes to designing your space. We promise to work with all your needs and ensure the final spaces created meet your best interest.


"I have hired double art design studio for the past, they provided design and build service which is very convenient for me. I am fully satisfied with the overall performance as well as the quality of work provided. The company provides a very good service!In the interests of customers, they deserve to believe!" —aw

"I had a really good impression to this design team …They provide us alot of good ideas of good living style …I've just move in to my new house,the cabinet condition are good!strongly recommend DoubleArt Studio!" —Hao

"'The company just finished renovation for our house. We had a wonderful experience with them. They are very professional team. We love and enjoy our new home. '" —peggy

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