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Hello there! I'm Dylan, ready to support you on your journey in taking that step in achieving your fitness goals!

With me as your Personal Trainer these are the various areas I would support you in:

• Designing a personalised training plan that is safe & most effective as according to your fitness goals.
• Bored of the same workout? Each session would have a variety of fun exercise routines.
• Tracking your progress record.
• Correcting and perfecting your form to maximise results and reduce chance of injury.
• Encouraging and supporting you in increasing your strength.
• Ensure that you are accountable to yourself for yourself.
• Be a Motivator to pump you up for each workout to reach your goals 💪💪

I would not only assists you in transforming you physically but to establish a lifetime exercise habit in how you live your life daily 😊


I am a Certified Personal Trainer in National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) and I specialise in Hypertrophy Bodybuilding, Fat Loss, Self Myofascial Release, Stability Training, Core Training, Resistance Training, and Strength Training.

Certified First Aider in CPR and AED of CERT Academy and Emergency First Response


Do PM me if you're interested. Price is based on per session and is negotiable 😋

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Selangor Kuala Lumpur

5 Reviews for Dylan Chew

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The coach is very dedicated, a good personal trainer in planning my workout plan, which is also customized based from individual strength and fitness level. After done my trainings with him, I'm happy to see the positive results (especially the chest, shoulders, arms and back)! He will keep track on each session and progressively overload different muscle groups with various exercise each week. Kudos to his professionalism and dedication in helping me improve my overall fitness level!

External Review


I did an Intermittent Fasting method, but did not really working. The journey with the coach has allowed me to have a healthier health and weight management. I enjoyed the journey and have lost 2 kg in just 10 days!

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The support that I've received, the knowledge that was passed down by the coach have set me on the path of healthy weight management. Totally recommended! 

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I was 107 kg despite playing basketball for 2-3 times / week. I thought that the exercise gave me the license to eat more, but the contrary, I gained more weight instead! I was skeptical about the program, but when I lost 4 kg in1 week: I got motivated, and now in the process and program to lose more weights in the next 6 months!

External Review


I able to reduce 12kg and my body fat percentage, thanks to the coach! Now I feel more energetic than ever!

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