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We are in this field more than 10years. The below are service that we are providing. Factory, office, building, bank, school, condominium, gardening and house contract cleaning, high pressure water cleaning, Carpet cleaning & shampooing,Waste disposal, Manpower supply,Grass cutting maintenance,Temporary maid,Functions,Floor polishing,Initial / Restorative cleaning,Initial cleaning to moving in,Landscaping/Cut trees and others.

"They were punctual
The girls did their best." —DR.SELVA

"Quick and efficient response coupled with excellent service delivery. The staff spoke very little English but she found ways to communicate to me. Was indeed very impressed. Highly recommended. " —kevin38

"So far so good. Cleaners are polite and having good manners. They came on time, pricing also reasonable. " —mandyng2

External Review

"Very professional, hardworking and good attitude cleaner from Dynamic Multi Cleaning Services. I ordered two cleaners to work 3 hours for spring cleaning, I am happy with the outcome. I will likely to use their service again in the future, and recommend them to my friends and family!" —Lim Chee Han

External Review

"We liked the quality of the cleaning. The cleaners were pleasant and did the job without much supervision. The price is reasonable that we decide to have another service from them soon. " —Lin Yang

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