Marblellous Sanctuary
Location grey The Light Collection III
Completed 1800 - 2400 sqft Condo / Apartment Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Balcony Display Shelf Coffee Station Urban Chic Contemporary Minimalist Carpentry Flooring Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Wallpaper Painting Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Lighting Curtain Electrical HVAC Ceiling Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Wall Decor Sofa Glasswork Artwork Kitchen Island

Welcome to the Marblellous Sanctuary album by Eowon Designs + Architects.
This collection showcases their contemporary and minimalist urban chic interior design style.
With a property size ranging from 1800 to 2400 sqft, this project offers a harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity.
From the plush bedrooms to the sleek kitchen, every space embodies the owner's desire for beauty and quality.
The use of Palisandro Classico marble surfaces, designer furniture, and modern lighting solutions creates a sophisticated and spacious living environment.
Explore this album and be inspired by the cohesive and classy design of the Marblellous Sanctuary.