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Kitchen Cabinets Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Walk In Wardrobe Display Shelves Counter Top Glass

Vinyl Flooirng is a korean brand product. It have high quality and decorative solution in order to cover extra application area. Suitable apply on both vertical and horizontal surface in home, office or any interior premise. It not only appeal to aesthetics but also provide long term durability and low maintenance.

Whether you are interior designer or end user, there's alwyas a product like us suit your needs and whatever you choose from us, quality always assured.

Our product which contribute to indoor air quality for the comfort and healty of users. Always prepared to provide tailored solution and endless opportunities for modifying and customizing our product to suit customer's unique needs. Size, performance and design can all be personalized to fit within customer design, budget and ultimately and the project. Our vinyl flooring also give the decorative surface an authentic and exclusive character, for creations luxury and real wood sensations atmosphere.

*Any required and information details about the product, please contact:

Shahril : 013 - 633 2033

Jackie : 016 - 666 2033


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