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First Decor (M) Sdn Bhd has turned cold expanse to desired living and work spaces over the years. A definitive interior atelier.

First Decor is one of the leading purveyors of a wide range of quality carpets, wall coverings, blinds, fabrics for draperies and upholstering, and customised furniture.

Not just in the large selection of quality finishing. First Decor, with a keen eye for aesthetics, reinvents interior. The company is undertaken and transformed residential and commercial projects into enviable pieces of art through fabrication installation of window furnishing and flooring and other interior services.

Credibility, reliability and quality have been our unchanging ethos. Our emphasis is on the right application and specifications; our objective is to have delighted customers every time. Let us impress your with your new space.

"Expensive but worth every penny - gave great advice on functionalities of different materials and design of our curtains" —Su-Ann

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