Fitology is a unique and new fitness process that incorporates several key components to good health – exercise, detoxification and nourishment – efficiently and effectively, under one roof.
The Fitology process is highly personalised one. Every session begins with a questionnaire to take into account how our client feels and what their fitness goal is for the day. How they answer dictates the day’s Fitology experience – from their one-on-one session with their personal trainer down to their juice selection for the day.
Our aim is to make the process of fitness achievable and enjoyable – something our clients look forward to, that leaves them feeling good to be inside their bodies. As our clients are busy people with stressful jobs and lives, we want their short session with us to be a positive one. Thus we ensure that feeling healthy, improving their self esteem and boosting their quality of life, are among the “feel good” take aways that our clients will have.

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