Covillea Condo, Bukit Jalil
Location grey
Stack of money Estimated price : RM18000.0
Completed 3D Concept 1200 - 1800 sqft Condo / Apartment Minimalist

Welcome to FROGtograph Design's album, 'Covillea Condo, Bukit Jalil'.
Witness the stunning transformation of this 1200 - 1800 sqft minimalist haven.
Our 3D Concept brings this condo to life, providing a serene, coordinated palette.
Photo 1 showcases a sleek home office upgrade, harnessing smart design to maximize functionality.
Photo 2 highlights a chic living room with a custom black shelving unit, combining artistry and storage.
Photo 3 exemplifies tasteful interior optimization, with enhanced cabinetry that complements the existing decor.
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