Afiq and team did a great job in cleaning my house post renovation. They clocked in 10 hours of thorough cleaning for my unit. Price is reasonable and service is good (all personnel were friendly and helpful).


Harga murah, tapi servis berbaloi. Mak saya kirim salam kat abang. Semoga bisnes abg lebih sukses.


This is cleaner. They my room and repack all the messy stuff organised.And they also professional in painting too. The price is reasonable and quality is very good. Overall, 5 Star :-)


3 young guys doing more than you would expect them to do. They even water jet the floor just to clean the tough stains. Plus they are very detailed in doing the cleaning.


Firstly, thanks to Afiq and team of 2 other boys who helped with our spring cleaning. They have done a very awesome job and have helped a lot with things which at times I've felt were really out of their job scope (such as throwing out rubbish and unwanted plants etc) but they were very flexible and was willing to help with just about anything. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs professionals to help with clean up. I would definitely be engaging them again on a regular basis for general upkeeping. Thanks again guys!!


I really amaze for what they did to my old house. they clean it like nothing, even though my cabinet and upholstery is full of insect. and the price is way more cheaper than other vendor too. except they late around 45 minute coz didnt found my house. but still not give me any effect coz they good in what they do.


Afiq was very friendly and flexible in terms of timing. He was kind enough to come all the way just to show how the cleaning process works and will only accept payment once the job is completed with the customer's satisfaction. Highly recommended as he offers a variety of services at a reasonable price.


Slow but can improve. Bathrooms were not cleaned properly.

Mohammad replied almost 5 years ago

First of all, thank you for giving us opportunity to clean your house and sorry for the inconvenience, but you ask us to clean your 2 storey house for 2 hours only and it is impossible for 2 workers to finish it on time. You also have special request to clean your cooking oven upholstery. And we ask u already that u need to add another 1 hour for us to complete the job properly. But you insist to add another 1 hour. So maybe my partner is rushing to clean the toilet on time. So, sorry again for the trouble.

Mohammad replied almost 5 years ago

*But you insist to not add another 1 hour

Stephanie replied over 4 years ago

I felt that this is an unfair review based on my experience with Afiq and his team. They have stayed beyond the initially agreed upon time and they didn't even ask for much for the extra time put in. Therefore, I disagree with this review.

Ren replied over 4 years ago

everyone has their own experiences. i didn't say mine was bad but good that yours was better. :)

Ren replied over 4 years ago

Hi Afiq, just to make it clear i did not ask u to clean the entire house within two hours. there were parts which i told yall not to do. plus, i did not insist not to add the extra hour. i just told y'all it's okay so it wasn't an insist. besides, i don't know what u mean by rushing to clean the toilet on time as he started with only that first. this is just to clarify on my side. thanks anyway

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