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HappyWater is a distributor of home, office and retail bottled water products across Kuala Lumpur Malaysia under several brand names. The Company, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, is striving to be the leader in home and office water delivery, focusing on five-gallon and single serve bottled water products. Water is bottled at manufacturing facilities and then delivered to homes and offices, as well as retail establishments, across the city.

Water Dispensers

Our Water Dispensers conveniently dispense water that's just the right temperature for whatever you need—from a refreshing glass of ice water to a soothing mug of hot Tea or Milo. We offer our water dispensers for rent and therefore we can guarantee that you will always have a well maintained water cooler. If at anytime, the cooler is not performing at its peak, we will exchange the water cooler, at no charge.

Office and Family Sized 18.9 Liter Bottles , 3 Gallon (11.2 L)

Our big bottles come in 5 Gallon (approx. 18.9 liters) & 3 Gallon (approx. 18.9 liters) size and fit perfect in the HappyWater Dispenser systems.

No-Spill System

To complement the convenience we have instituted the No-Spill Systems—our bottles have a spill–proof cap.
The spill-proof bottle is opened by placing in onto the cooler and fits snugly onto the anti-leak valve .

Single Serve Bottles

We also offer 500ml and 1.5 Liter personal-sized bottled water, delivered right to your office or home door with your regular order. These are especially convenient for school lunches, trips to the gym, sporting events and other activities, such as driving, biking and hiking.

If you'd like to include single-serve bottles with your order, simply enter the number of cases you would like to order in the inquiry or order form.

Service Provided

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Areas Served

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2 Reviews for Happy Water Sdn Bhd


Tan25 June 2014, 14:59

As a Real Estate Negotiator, I have referred HappyWater to all my clients as a value added service besides getting them their dream home in Kuala Lumpur. All my clients who has engaged HappyWater water delivery service or purchased the water dispenser are very happy with HappyWater as they are very reliable and quality of their services and products are just best of the best. Thank you HappyWater. Highly recommended.


Pandora25 June 2014, 12:59

I have Happy Water delivering water to my home for over a year and its customer service is unrivalled. They are always delivering fast and the water is high quality. I do actually test my water and it shows a very consistent quality that I trust. Whenever I call I have a friendly person picking up, that is willing and able to assist me with any of my wishes. I am happy to write this review for a company like Happy Water that rises above the rest in terms of quality and service.

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