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I hired this company to paint my whole house, their price offer was very reasonable because we were their first customers for this paint job since they started the company. The team is lead by one guy who does a decent job on his own, however the workers hired have close to zero experience and looked as though they were merely doing a favour in return of a daily wage token. They lack process flow and planning and this ended up delaying the process longer than what we were initially told - 4 to 5 days. The entire job took 2 weeks to complete. My family and I had to step to lead, monitor and create a process flow for them because they were all over the place. We had them complete all the rooms upstairs before heading down so we could use the rooms when they moved down. They did not cover the floor area which ended up being spotted by paint everywhere, upon reminding they then did so for the remainder of the job. They did not come on time daily to make things worse, and they always needed supervision, we couldn't leave the house while they were here the entire two weeks, everyone had to take turns monitoring them. I think they would do better in this job if they could be on time, have a process flow and hire experienced workers. Thank you for your hardwork nevertheless, we appreciate it very much as our home looks brand new now.


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