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We are the building contractors that specialize in all kind of renovation and construction works which you all can though about. Building your own house always something enjoyable, by transmitting the client’s ideas, desires and dream into the reality are our greatest pleasure.

In this era, Construction or Renovation isn’t as simple as demolishing the old wall and start rebuilding it by stack up the bricks and finish it with a layer of paint. Your home deserves for someone who really understand about it and manage to handle it from the top to the bottom with the right way as this is the shelter for your precious family and you. Thus, we always said that the communication stage is a very crucial as we can share our experience and understand your desire to your home.

​In our profession of concern, we always wanted to personally liaise with each client and supervise every on-going project to ensure the value of money is equivalent to the quality work done and to avoid miscommunication which may lead to unforeseen damages.

​By providing the clients a peace of mind and keeping projects organized and always on budget as discussed, the quality of communication with client is always being concerned. Communication is important in this field so we always take time to discuss and understand your idea and plan, then refine it together.

​Thus, during the commencement of each project we will ensure that you have a clear picture about what we going to do for your house and ensure that the cost will always within your budget.

​We take each of the project seriously by explaining works progress, technical issue and during the completion we will ensure that our hard work is manage to meet with your expectation. And at the same time, we will ensure that the your home can be delivered back to your hand at the right time as well, since we all known that timing of handling over the the home is of the essence.

​Still thinking about what to do to your house? Or still wondering how can you do to your house? Why spending tons of time? Let’s cut a long story short. Give us a call today, and drop your concern to us, so that we manage to help your though come true with our professional knowledge and services.

​If you are ready to turn your dream house into reality, contact us today for scheduling a free consultation and quotation. Let’s see what we can do for you!

"Recommend.my's recommended contractor gave a name "Ramesh" but "Ramesh" did not - Repeat: DID NOT - turn up.
I do not know if "Ramesh" is a direct employee, or an independent, third-party, sub-contractor . . .

Poor experience of using recommend.my . . . " —Ms Chan (Michael - brother)

"Set appointment but didn't come. When called, he ask another guy to come and do the work." —Chong

"Set appointment and time on Saturday, waited more than half hour and called, he completely forgot about the appointment. I guess its a job too small and not attractive enough for this company. Definitely avoid this guy, arrogant fella." —Ken

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