by Chandra 3 days

"Nirpal is very experienced and friendly and fixed my fridge issue. Definitely a 5 star."

by Donald 10 days

"Too expensive to replace a relay."

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"Already given cheaper price still wanna complaint, gi"

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"I need to pay recommended rm 35 and petrol, told, parts and my fees, stupid "

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"Next time call others technician , maybe can be free as begger as you "

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"What a stupid human"

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"Go and complain I have no issues "

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"Stupid China "

Nirpal Neal replied 10 days ago

"Give your account details, will refund, "

by Tan 14 days

"When i ask for service untill now, almost 1 month ago, from the start, they come and open up my washing machine and they take a part of my washing machine say need bring back and repair. After 2 weeks ago, i called up few time and ask the technician how of my washing machine. They was no answer my called, after that i try to called again, but they still no answer my call. Utill now almost 1 month ago, i dont' know where my washing machine. Hope yours can help on this metter"

Nirpal Neal replied 14 days ago

"Sorry for the inconvenience, parts have arrived yet"

Nirpal Neal replied 7 days ago

"Technician will call you back tomorrow "

by Donald 19 days

"Charged RM120 for the changing the relay, which is not a price item."

by Abdumalik 3 months

"Almost 10 day I can not get receipt. I paid total 280 RM but they did not give me any receipt. Everyday i call and remind then they only say ok. "

by RIchard 3 months

"Technicians who visited my home were very professional. And completed their work in less than 30 minutes. "

by Hanafi 3 months

"Good service"

Nirpal Neal replied 3 months ago

"thanks you "

by Noor Fuzana 4 months

"Washing machine had problem draining. It was fixed immediately."

Nirpal Neal replied 4 months ago

"thanks "

by sikchinhoong6666 4 months

"Responsive, quick turn around."

Nirpal Neal replied 4 months ago

"thanks "

by Alisa 4 months

"happy with the service"

Nirpal Neal replied 4 months ago

"thanks "

by Suzanna Juwita 5 months

"Good communication - fast reply, constant update on the work progress.
Thank you for fixing my mom's washing machine."

Nirpal Neal replied 5 months ago

"welcome "

by tyqa 6 months

"Price is cheap. But communication need to improve and please bear in mind that they will bring ur machine to their place to fix so u need to be prepared with the necessary form if u stay in condo and when they return it i found few scratches on my machine (i guess it’s happen during they bring out my machine cause that time they didn’t bring any wrapping) . Anyway problem is fixed and machines is working well now :)"

by Emir 6 months

"I had a Pcb board change for my fridge My suggestion is, it would be great if they could do a follow up when they could complete the work so one's can arrange their time to be represent during the delivery rather than calling them each time. other than that it was suffice"

Nirpal Neal replied 6 months ago

"sorry for the inconvenience, parts take time to arrive, thanks you "

by Yi Xuan 7 months

"Checked incoming pipe problem. Fixed within 40mins"

by Mat Hasiri 7 months

"Tooks a week to complete a job"

Nirpal Neal replied 7 months ago

"sorry for the inconvenience, waiting for parts to be received, thanks "

by Tana 7 months

"My mechine cover missing, they forgot to return. Even Even Until today never reply my sms too. Please reply my my msg asap …
My area hot many mouse.
Thank you"

Nirpal Neal replied 7 months ago

"mem sorry for the inconvenience, we will send our technician to fixed it back "

Nirpal Neal replied 7 months ago

"technician trying to call you from yesterday, please answer the calls, thanks you "

by Magdalene 8 months

"first time came and fixed but then there are more issues and problems on the fridge and asked to come over but never come. So, i had to ask others to come over and the problems finally being fixed by other company. quite disappointing."

by Borhanuddin 8 months

"The pick up was a bit delayed because of the poorly marked location, but they deliver the work on time, even though they had to replace the power supply board at some costs."

Nirpal Neal replied 8 months ago

"thanks "

by lee1094cdc2 8 months

"Professional approach, (in field) subject matter experts and delivery on time.

Technicians- namely Sukvin & Yusuf are great lads.

Highly Recommended, absolutely! "

Nirpal Neal replied 8 months ago

"thanks "

by David 8 months

"Fast and efficient"

Nirpal Neal replied 8 months ago

"thanks you "

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