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Honey Bee Renovation is well known renovation company in Town. Our dream to produce at Home SWEET Home for owner is always fulfill. Ours Bees is very good in all kind cement work, ceiling work, painting, flooring, roofing and simple wiring. Call us now and we will Quote the most sweet price on your renovation budget !

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We recently engaged with Honeybee Renovation through to do renovation for our house. It was a scary process at first but working with Mr. Liew and his team has been nothing but a breeze. He is attentive and will always listen to your concerns. Renovation started as soon as we deposited money to We are satisfied with the system that Honeybee has in place.

Honeybee has excellent project management, ensuring a successful project. Mr Liew has clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline, and worked with us to adjust and fine-tune both as needed. Ultimately, our project was completed a little bit over budget(which project doesn’t right?) and on time (give or take a few additional days for final touch ups).

Not only are we pleased with the final result of our renovation , but we are also excited to have found a reputable and trustworthy company to work with again in the future.

Thank you so much Honeybee Renovation


Easy to deal with and affordable price


Liew is a nice person and accomodating my requests.

However, his staff does not pay attention to details and lacks supervision. There's no QC to be done each day and I myself need to check on every little thing.

The overall workmanship was fine, just need to refine a few times to get it right.


Initially did some waterproofing defects but later I added on other requests as well. Mr Liew was very accommodating to all my requests and his team managed to inform whenever there are other defects. However, there was lack of attention to detail and I would suggest having a supervisor around to lead the team and have a better QC check beforehand. Overall a good job done. Thanks!


We decide to postponed renovation until further notice. No decision nor decide when to execute the renovation. Main reason is also due to MCO.

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