A household name in the island of Penang for cleaning services, it is known only to a few that a company of such prominence started from a relatively humble background some fifteen years ago. The company, then affectionately known as Kirei Kimisawa Enterprise, started with a three-man team going around the island providing cleaning services. Their top notch service and friendly personalities have shot them to fame and hence from there their strong customer base is built.

HSL Hygieneus Sdn bhd is then incorporated in year 1999, to cater for the enormous demands from residential and corporate clients alike. Strong, dynamic teams were formed and trained with vigor and extreme care to serve all our clients with passion, and on top of that, respect. HSL inspires to bring ultimate comfort for our clients, and for that we have always tried to offer one stop solutions to ensure total convenience.

Our services range from contractual cleaning, initial cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning & polishing, high rise façade cleaning, stone treatment & restoration, mat & washroom hygiene services, machinery , tools & equipment, laundry services , domestic cleaning, glass stain / water mark and etc, from case-by-case right up to even tailor made packages to suit every different requirement from our clients. Our service areas comprise of industrial companies, commercial areas, hotels, hospital as well as residential buildings.

HSL Hygieneus is dedicated to provide our services with complete professionalism, highest of quality and most of all super competitive prices. The company is always ready to go way beyond meeting customers’ expectation. Our inspiration of servicing the community with dedication and aspiration to be one of the best cleaning service provider empowered us to go the extra mile in every task entrusted to us.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals execute all assignments with meticulous care and responsibility, and albeit that high confidence our clients have in us, we continue to improve and strive to stay ahead of the industry. We strongly believe strong partnerships shall in return benefit both parties in the long run. HSL Hygieneus, our cleaning effort, your living comfort.

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