Neat & Trendy Minimalist Design in This Studio in CyberSquare
Location grey Cyberjaya
Stack of money Estimated price : RM22000.0
Painting Completed Studio Modern Below 800 sqft Bathroom Living Kitchen Bedroom Study

Welcome to IIKO Concept's album featuring the Neat & Trendy Minimalist Design in This Studio in CyberSquare.
Our expert team has carefully crafted a modern and sleek interior that maximizes space and functionality within the compact 450 sq. ft. area.
The album showcases a stylish and efficient kitchen with streamlined cabinetry, a comfortable bedroom area, and a cozy living space with a plush gray sofa.
The neutral color palette and strategic lighting create a trendy and welcoming atmosphere.
Meticulous carpentry and premium finishes reflect the RM 22,000 investment in this cost-effective design.
Explore our album to discover our expertise in creating minimalist and functional spaces.

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