Complete Interior Design and Renovation in YOU Vista, Cheras
Location grey Selangor
Completed 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Cabinet Small Kitchen Modern Contemporary Carpentry Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Kitchen Island Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console

Welcome to the Complete Interior Design and Renovation album by IIKO Concept in YOU Vista, Cheras.
This contemporary project features a property size of 800-1200 sqft and incorporates various aspects of interior design, including bathrooms, bedrooms, cabinets, carpentry, and more.
Take a virtual tour through these photos to witness the sleek kitchen corner, elegant living spaces, functional wardrobes, and stylish details that showcase IIKO Concept's expertise.
With a focus on modern aesthetics, minimalist design, and captivating lighting, this album perfectly captures the essence of IIKO Concept's innovative approach to interior design and renovation.
Experience the epitome of sophisticated living through this meticulously executed project, where contemporary elegance meets comfort and style.

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