Pest Control Services
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Pest Management is a crucial part of your healthy life, food safety and sanitation programs. In a highly regulated industry, expectations on pest prevention and eradication are highly demanded, and treatment options are limited.

Our well-trained service specialists use proprietary technology that is customized to deliver high quality pest elimination for your needs.

Our General Pest Management services include:

Flies and Mosquitoes
Termites Control
Store Pests
Beetles and Weevils
Bees and Hornets
Ticks and Fleas
Bed Bugs
Other Nuisance Pests

IKARI Pest Management Professional utilizes advance technology and multiple eco-features methods to treat your premises wherever possible.

Call us now at 1 800 88 4833 or email us at [email protected] to find out how our Pest Management Services can benefit you.