House in Citrine, Seri Austin Hills
Location grey Johor
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Garden Bedroom Kitchen Living Living Room Dining Room Modern

Welcome to the House in Citrine, Seri Austin Hills photo album by Inniva Design & Construction Sdn Bhd.
This modern interior design project spans over 2400 sqft, featuring elegant living spaces, a sophisticated dining area, a stunning kitchen, and a beautiful outdoor patio.
Picture 1 showcases a monochromatic living room with pops of color, while picture 2 exudes comfort and luxury.
Picture 3 highlights a sleek outdoor patio, and picture 4 reveals a spacious and luxurious dining area.
Picture 5 presents a modern kitchen with integrated appliances, and picture 6 showcases an elegant interior with a live-edge dining table.
Finally, picture 7 exhibits an impressive outdoor space with lush green grass and ambient lighting.
Explore the transformative power of contemporary design at the House in Citrine, Seri Austin Hills.