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Want to share photos, music and video to all your home devices? Want to share and control your media box (Astro, hyppTV, MiTV, AppleTV) to several TV in different rooms?
Want to share your internet throughout your home or use your laptop in the garden?
Want to control your lighting, alarm and audio / sound system wireless-ly?
Want to print from anywhere in your home?
Want to turn your purifier ON when air quality is bad or brew your coffee machine before you wake up?
Want to control your home like Tony Stark?

Techkono Enterprise are a team that are truly passionate about technology with years of technical experiences ensuring you high quality delivery. Throw us any bizarre idea you have for your home/office technology needs or any technology problem that you are facing now.

We're specialized in smart home concept. Home automation for almost all electric appliances and equipments.
Below are our specialty with free consultation:
- Check WiFi coverage and network configuration consultation.
- AV setup such as integrated HDMI system for multiple TVs and able to control Astro or player in other rooms.
- Wireless Audio system and control individual rooms via smartphone or laptop.
- Control lighting, infrared (aircond, fan, AV system), mood / health check to automated aircond turn on or air purifier, scheduled lighting control and all could be done via smartphone with internet connections.
- Supply Media Box with complete English TV Series, reality show, Movies and Chinese / HK dramas.
- Setup File server for internal and external access.
- Install Internet enabled smart camera and wireless home security system.
Anything you would want your home to be smarter. We consult your need and advice accordingly. If there are needs, we will source out quality product to make your place safe and smart.
We have our own electrician to get the wiring work done.

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