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At IRD Construction Works we believe in providing honesty, responsibility, best quality, affordable & durability solution all our clients.

We too provide FREE consultation solutions, from planning to design, build & maintenance.

What we do:-
* Commercial & Residential interior and exterior professional painting
* All kind of Partition for Offices, Retails, & Factories
* Plaster celling installation and Repairs
* Renovation & Construction works
* Construction - Foudation & Structural Works
* RC / Wet Structural Works
* Roofing Installations & Repairs
* Waterproofing installation and repairing leakage works
* Concrete Flooring, Wall Partition
* Concrete Slab Table Top, Concrete Sink
* Plumbing Works
* Wiring & Electrical Works
* Carpentry Works
* Kitchen Extention / House Extention
* Balcony Extention / Car Poach Extention
* Temperate Glass Door & Aluminium Works
* Iron / Aluminium Grills, Safety Doors & Gates
* Pebble Stone Flooring & Wall
* All kinds Floor & Wall Tiles Installations / Repairs
Ceramic, Mosaic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Quartzite Tiles
* Bathroom, Living Room, Car Poach Floor & Wall Tiles Installations / Repairs

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I'm very happy with the quality work and services provided... was doing my kitchen renovation & special effect painting.... the contractor was friendly and very responsibility... recommend to everyone...

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