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Welcome to Jenny Sun Photography!

I'd love for you to look around this page and get a feel for who I am and the kind of pictures I love to take :)

For those wondering, I'm from Australia with my home town being the gorgeous city of Sydney :D My my beautiful couples have flown me everywhere to take pretty pictures including all over Australia, Malaysia, New York, San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, France, Phuket, Bali, Philippines, and even exotic Central America! :D

I love the sun and natural light, fabulous music makes my day so much better, I cannot live without my coffee, flowers make me happy, as do all the really unique and pretty details I see at weddings, and nothing makes me smile more than all things vintage and old. My favourite places in the world are settings that have pretty things like meadows and fields of flowers, vineyards, cottages, lakes and creeks, and anything rustic with bucketloads of character! :)

I love life, and I love love...I truly think weddings are beautiful because of couples like you who are madly in love and nothing excites me more than to be able to document that candidly and naturally on camera! :)

ps: I'm a taurus, and my birthday is May 10th, in case you decide you want to remember and send me a birthday wish when the time comes! :D

"We engaged Jenny to shoot our Pre Wedding album in Sydney. We selected her in the first place because we can relate to her style of photography. We were very impressed after our initial meeting with Jenny as she was so down to earth and extremely helpful. In fact, she was making it hard as she was giving us too many new ideas and suggestions.

Shooting day was a breeze as Jenny had a very clear vision of the outcome she wants, but at the same time allow us to be ourselves in the photos.

Will totally recommend her to anyone wanting a Pre-Wedding Shoot.

Andrew" —Andrew

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