Sardar Muhammad

Service was really good. Extremely satisfied with the work.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied 6 months ago

Thank you Sir 🙏


The contractor wasn't sure about the problem yet, but already change the status to accept the job ended up can't do the fixing.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied 7 months ago

Hello we don't even do your work. How you can give me nonsense review?? If you want to comment to Recommend contractor please post your review there in Recommend app. Not in my Company profile.


service is good

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied 6 months ago

Thank you Madam 🙏



Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied 6 months ago

Thank you Pn. Asiah 🙏


A bit expensive.


Service provider was quick and knowledgeable. On time and efficient in delivering services. Highly recommended.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied about 1 year ago

Many thanks to you Sir 🙏


This is one of the worst contractors I have worked with. I hired them as a home owner to replace a clogged pipe at a bathroom which took about 5-7 days. Here are my issues:

1. Workers are nice people but are never on time. Reaches ard 1130am. Promises to work weekends but never show up, and no notification.

2. Threw debris from hacking work into the orange council bin outside.

3. They will not protect your floor or anything upon work. Be sure to clean after yourself.

4. The boss, Mr Roy, told me to “shut up” and used colourful language throughout ie. “Fuck” and numerous times told me to not complaint bcos I am giving him stress. Business is stressful, Roy.

5. upon work done, I noticed there is a leak from the toilet down to my ground floor. Roy fought with me (again), and eventually had a “fixed” which consisted of REHACKING & RETILING

6. Today, the same area is clogged again.

Haha, this contractor is a joke. Please don’t hire them.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied about 1 year ago

Hi Ms. Najat. I'm Arjith here. Many times we have spoken. And please stop using Roy name. He left our company 3 mths ago. For ur information you the one shouting to me and use irritating words saying you hv 10 yrs experience in Engineering work. You know everything. I was so nice to you and completed you the new pipe line plumbing work. After we settled all your work now you are giving me very bad review. So nice of u Ms.Najat. Really nvr seen a customer like you.


The arrived on time. Solved my problem


Set the appointment at 2 pm but never turned up until 5 pm. Did not inform earlier about the change in timing, instead had to follow up constantly to make sure he turned up. Very poor time management and I had to reschedule my other appointments because of this.


They are really professional on their job

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