Mohamad Aslam

With posted details photo, the quoted price far lower than final price. When asked before job start, worker said don’t know and must ask boss. Due to urgency, I told him to proceed. But after job finished, the cost went up to more than 100%. Workmanship ok but not not justified with the price. Next day I received call from their office asking for payment even though receipt has been sent. Not sure what’s wrong between worker and office.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied over 1 year ago

Sorry for the inconvenience caused sir.


The quality of work of the worker is fair however they are responsible with all the complaints and they willing to fix it ASAP.

Jjs Aircond And Electrical replied over 1 year ago

Thanks Ms.Ng.


Rather expensive for parts and service labour given


1) they are not competent to do the job i require
2) they are not problem solvers ( could not find alternative solution )
3) even though they could not solve my problem they charges RM150 for service and transport.
4) they should keep to their job scope as electrical service provider and not try to be jack of all trade

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