by BOB 10 months

"first time user for 1 time clean.
communication was excellent.
arrived as advised.
the two ladies started work immediately and did not stop for the 2 + hours they were here.
when finished they asked me to review each room and i could not fault their work.
i will book again

Jls replied 10 months ago

"Thank you Bob. :)"

by Nadiah 10 months

"Always late. During request, i have stated starting early in the morning, but they always send cleaner after 10am. The cleaner is okay, but the PIC Fauziah is unprofessional. she didnt respond that the cleaner protest for not coming to work on 27th Jan 2020 due to Chinese New Year. we have waited whole day until night, then she replied her aunt passed away at Melaka. how many seconds to take just to inform there is no cleaner working today? she said "budak2 meroyan nak cuti sabtu-isnin". and as a client do i have to know why she can only arrived at 10am because she has to "gegarkan pagar pukul 8 pagi?" During the 3rd session, she raised her voice when asking whether am I at home or not, I was at home whole morning, there is no need to raise voice as I am her client, not her staff. "

Jls replied 10 months ago

"Hi Nadiah, I have explained nicely why I cant send the team earlier than 10 am. You could say NO and we wud not send our team. Anyways my team are still working for another 4 hrs in ur place whilst ur put up this review. You could say No to me and i can refund ur money. No problem. And for once I never raised my voice to you. I was just telling you my girls at the gate for almost 10 mins calling and no one attend to them. As you were not home the last 2nd sessions we came. We have to wait at the gate for almost 15 mins. So glad to know 1 star is for me for being strict and not for my cleaners. I believe 4-5 star for them as usual as they did a good job like always. Thanks and regards. SELAMAT HARI WILAYAH. "

by Chai Ling 10 months

"1. The cleaner need to improve on Malay language as they dont understand instructions"

Jls replied 10 months ago

"Thank you For the suggestion. I guess this will take time as they are foreigner. To be fluent in foreign language. Thanks. "

by Linda 12 months

"The Cleaners are polite and knows their work scope very well with no supervision. They managed to get things done in the time frame given. The Ladyboss is friendly and professional and all of them are very helpful. Happy with the service and deffiniately will use them again. πŸ‘πŸΌ"

Jls replied 12 months ago

"Thank you Linda. Call us again next time you need Cleaning assistance. 😊"

by alex84 12 months

"Two inexperienced Indonesian cleaners with no idea where and how to perform house cleaning. No next time. "

Jls replied 12 months ago

"I am sorry that you think that way Alex. At least they have changed your toilet from a dirty and filty place to a shining one (assumed that the place havent been clean for months?) I have a video of them performing the job. Anyways, hope you will find the best service after the next few month. Thanks for the business Sir. "

by Jun Shen about 1 year


by Gary about 1 year

"Late 2 times I set a time expect them to be there. I have others things to do when I ask them to be there and traffic jam is not my problem you work that out before hand?"

Jls replied about 1 year ago

"Thank you Gary. Did work that out before hand, but can’t get through Road Accidents though. Thanks foe the business again. "

by Fika about 1 year

"cleaning of overall house was satisfactory.they did miss some spot but it was all good"

Jls replied about 1 year ago

"Thank you Fika. "

by Mohd khaiful about 1 year

"Good job and well done. Professional and fullfill all obligations. Thank youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘"

Jls replied about 1 year ago

"Thank you Khaiful. "

External Review
by Henry kheu over 1 year

"Very good and responsive. Cleaned up the place really well"

External Review
by Hanis Hassan almost 2 years

"Team of cleaners were self-organized once they're briefed on move out cleaning approach to do since belongings in transit still around the home. Professional and approachable lady boss was there too. Cleaning gets done with speed."

External Review
by Catherine almost 2 years

"Good service. Workers very serious about their work. Completed many things within the 2 hours. Recommended"

External Review
by Azura about 2 years

"All good.. good service.."

External Review
by Foong over 2 years

"On time, done the cleaning job well, recommended."

External Review
by Chooi Yen over 2 years

"Arrived on time, did a good job of cleaning the house."

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