Hi everyone! Welcome to my page. I'm Joseph Wee, a music tutor with 20 years of teaching experience. In my early years, I used to play in a band for various singing competitions and functions from the 70's up to the 90's. At present, I'm still active in playing for my church band. The followings are the music lessons and services that I provide:

Guitar/Ukulele Lessons
(a) Acoustic Guitar
- Free style, strumming, plucking, chords (Non-exam oriented)
- RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) from Grade 1-8
(b) Classical Guitar
- RGT from Grade 1-8
- Trinity from Grade 1-8
(c) Ukulele
- Free style (Non-exam oriented)
- RGT from Grade 1-8

Guitar Maintenance and Services
(a) String changing and Polish
(b) Guitar neck adjustment
(c) String action and Intonation

Guitar Purchasing
-Provide help and professional advices to people who want to purchase
a guitar within their budget.

If interested, contact us at 0168733088

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