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External Review

Evana Lew, Manager - Loyalty Programme

Thanks to your team at JX Productions for the superior work done with incredible attention to detail. You have done us an amazing quality with good delivery and also managed to perform with grace within the designated time frame given in producing our latest merchant video. Your team’s production has exceeded the standard we come to expect from an organization. We always appreciate your flexibility to adjust plans to meet our requests, and willingness to make short notice changes less stressful. Your problem-solving skills continue to impress us all. To this end, I would be happy to recommend the team to anyone looking for excellent results and a high level of professionalism. It was a great pleasure working with your team and I hope to have opportunities in the future to continue our working relationship.

External Review

CG Lim , Director, World of Endurance Sdn. Bhd.

Working with Wang and his team has been a great experience. They are responsive and creative in meeting our requirements.

External Review

Simon Gan - Project Delivery Manager (Pearson Asia)

I've known Wang for about 3 years plus now, ever since we considered his proposal for a Pearson video project in 2013. Over the years, I've also got Wang involved in multiple potential projects, where his knowledge and guidance to plan out those projects was indispensable. Wang walks the talk - he knows exactly what he is doing in his area of expertise and he delivers on all his promises, on time. He is professional, reliable and responsible, everytime I've engaged with him. I'm happy to have Wang as a panel of vendors for Pearson.

External Review

Zhiyong, Event Director, The Performance Series 2017

JXP is a professional sporting events video production team.

Every member of the team studies the venue+route thoroughly and displays good understanding during the pre-shoot Recce.

JXP is also versatile and adaptable to client's requests during the day of recce, video shoot and also post edit.

Within the team, from producer to the various cameramen, it is clear that there is good communication and strong team work to deliver a wonderful product.

Turnover of the final product is fast and any amendments requested are carefully considered before implementation. Suggestions/advices were also given by the producer to ensure that the product delivers the desired effects and message to the audience.

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