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Welcome to Kaiu Concept & Construction Sdn. Bhd. – your go-to service provider for all your construction and design needs. As a winner of the SEBA BUSINESS AWARD 2022 and listed as THE 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS 2020, we bring experience, quality, and top-notch resources to every job we undertake.

Our team of experts strives to provide exceptional services, whether you require wood concept furniture or integrated construction capabilities. We take pride in our reputation for quality and attention to detail, which sets us apart from the competition.

But what truly sets us apart is our passion for delivering bespoke design solutions for our clients. At Kaiu, we understand that every client has unique needs and tastes, and we work closely with clients to ensure their designs are not only aesthetic but functional too. We believe in creating wireframes that offer both ease of use and beauty.

Our team is composed of highly-experienced professionals, including an in-house design team and skilled craftsmen who use the latest techniques and technology. We provide a wide range of services, from concept design and construction to custom furniture carpentry, allowing us to cater to all your needs.

We have served a wide range of clients, including renovation contractors, cabinet contractors, interior designers, painters, furniture repair and upholstery specialists, and many more. Our services are not only limited to homeowners, as we also cater to commercial and office spaces.

Don't just take our word for it! Our happy clients rave about our exceptional service, punctuality, and quality workmanship. Take Sneaker's word for it, "Love how Kaiu solved all my concerns and designed a great layout for my bungalow. Great ID works. Great communication with the team. I will recommend others for your service, for sure!"

So, whether you're in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong, Subang Jaya, or any of the other cities we serve, send us your inquiry today. Let us help turn your vision into a stunning reality!


Selamat datang ke Kaiu Concept & Construction Sdn. Bhd. - penyedia perkhidmatan terbaik bagi semua keperluan pembinaan dan reka bentuk anda. Sebagai pemenang Anugerah SEBA BUSINESS 2022 dan disenaraikan sebagai 100 PENGARUH ANAK USAHAWAN MUDA 2020, kami membawa pengalaman, kualiti, dan sumber terbaik untuk setiap tugasan yang kami ambil.

Pasukan pakar kami berusaha untuk memberikan perkhidmatan yang luar biasa, sama ada anda memerlukan perabot konsep kayu atau keupayaan pembinaan yang terintegrasi. Kami bangga dengan reputasi kami untuk kualiti dan perhatian terhadap butiran, yang membezakan kami daripada pesaing.

Tetapi yang benar-benar membezakan kami adalah semangat kami untuk memberikan penyelesaian reka bentuk khusus untuk pelanggan kami. Di Kaiu, kami memahami bahawa setiap pelanggan mempunyai keperluan dan cita rasa unik, dan kami bekerja rapat dengan pelanggan untuk memastikan reka bentuk mereka bukan sahaja estetik tetapi juga berfungsi. Kami percaya dalam mencipta struktur kabel yang menawarkan kemudahan penggunaan dan keindahan.

Pasukan kami terdiri daripada profesional yang mempunyai pengalaman yang sangat luas, termasuk pasukan reka bentuk dalaman dan tukang yang mahir menggunakan teknik dan teknologi terkini. Kami menyediakan pelbagai perkhidmatan, dari reka bentuk konsep dan pembinaan hingga kerja tukang perabot tersuai, membolehkan kami memenuhi semua keperluan anda.

Kami telah melayani pelbagai pelanggan, termasuk kontraktor penyelenggaraan, kontraktor almari, pereka dalaman, pelukis, pakar pembaikan dan penyelenggaraan perabot, dan banyak lagi. Perkhidmatan kami tidak terhad kepada pemilik rumah sahaja, kerana kami juga melayani ruang komersial dan pejabat.

Jangan hanya ikut kata-kata kami! Pelanggan kami yang gembira memuji perkhidmatan yang luar biasa kami, ketepatan masa, dan kerja berkualiti. Ambillah kata-kata Sneaker sebagai bukti, "Suka cara Kaiu menyelesaikan semua kebimbangan saya dan merancang susunan yang hebat untuk bungalow saya. Reka bentuk dalaman yang hebat. Komunikasi yang baik dengan pasukan. Saya akan mengesyorkan perkhidmatan anda kepada orang lain, pastinya!"

Jadi, sama ada anda berada di Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong, Subang Jaya, atau mana-mana bandar lain yang kami berkhidmat, hantar pertanyaan anda kepada kami hari ini. Biarkan kami membantu menjadikan visi anda menjadi kenyataan yang menakjubkan!"

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4.6 (based on 15 reviews)


Wayne12 June 2023, 02:29

Honestly, this is not my first time to engage a requesting ID and doing renovation works. I faced many bad experiences with managing works and working with contractors. However, with KAIU. I am totally satisfied! I am impressed with their professionalism and dedication. Super friendly design team. alto at the beginning i was kinda shocked by their estimated price. However, they gave me valid reasons and true enough, the other contractor who gave me the quotation is not truthful about their price, and there are a lot of hidden costs. they have their in-house team from design to carpentry to ensure the quality and timeline. Professionally done meeting minute in every meeting with them, everything black and white and they will advise you alot of practical & smart advise to optimize cost and space. So..if you are looking for quality design and work and completely no hassle to oversee the reno. you should go for them. i'll recommend my friends for sure !

Excellent Service Fast And Efficient Helpful and Friendly Responsive

Sneaker28 April 2021, 20:44

Love how kaiu solved all my concerns and design a great layout for my banglow. Great ID works . Great to communication with team. Will recommend others for your service for sure!


Preshanth23 December 2019, 23:11

The consultants understands my requirements and are very professional in handling my request. I am very happy with their openness and straight forward responses to my demands giving substantive reasoning as well as providing alternative suggestions for my considerations. I am very happy to choose them as the consultants for my renovation work.


Audrey06 August 2019, 13:46

I love how kaiu artisan give their idea and execute it. Love the outcome! Will recco my friends


sze ann30 April 2019, 02:35

Their service is key. The whole experience has been great. I give them my trust and they did not disappointed us. Will recommend my friend for their service.


tang96e26018 October 2018, 18:22

A very friendly and young team to work with. They are not just executor, they understand the ideas and help to further developed the ID with advises on materials. Their approach are transparent and frankly speaking, like discussing with friends. They are solutions oriented, for any of the worries, do-ability, uncertainty of decisions etc.

One highlight of their process is having the daily update on whatsapps , on the progress of renovation. Instant viewing without have to be on the spot.

The services after job completed are great too! They are fast in respond and to attend to any followups and defects work, and it's FOC!

Thank you and all the best KAIU!


Tay21 July 2018, 21:26

My house was screwed up by my previous contractors due to lack proper planning. I am so tired of the additional cost they have charged me ( I have paid additional 40k for something redicurious ).

Due to this urgent crisis and I really need to set up my house for my family to stay in a month time, I requested Kaiu to immediately jump in to solve all the mess. Their achitect team immediate assist and touch based with my existing contractors. They redesigned few structural drawing based on the current mess of my balcony extension and propose the best way to solve in a more cost effective way.

Their team was very helpful and I will for sure recommend to others. Alto this job have not completed yet but I would still want to give them a credit as they are the only company willing to jump in and solve this for me.

thank you and looking forward to get all done soon.


Angeline 22 June 2018, 19:03

This is my 2nd house reno by kaiu @ kinrara for renting purposes. First one was completed on March. Settled everything in a month time. Appreciate your work as usual.


Evonne22 June 2018, 15:35

Meeting with them always quick and productive! They have solved many issues with my interior design and I love the paintings they have sourced for me in the living room. Will recco to my friends. All the best KAIU!


Pei11 May 2018, 17:19

I would say Kaiu is an expert in their field of designing and building. I never knew there's so much more to know and look out for when it comes to just getting the build-in cabinets done. They explained a lot about why certain materials that we commonly would suggest is not practical for a household. To me, they gave very valuable suggestions to how I could keep the same effect of how I wanted my cabinets to look like but also keeping to my budget.

You could consider Kaiu for their services.

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