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We brings more to the job than just tools and materials. As one of the most experienced concept design and construction company, we create and build solid wood concept furniture & offer the full range of integrated construction capabilities and we serve clients in a variety of roles. We bring experience, in-house resources and a reputation for quality that no one else can match.

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"The consultants understands my requirements and are very professional in handling my request. I am very happy with their openness and straight forward responses to my demands giving substantive reasoning as well as providing alternative suggestions for my considerations. I am very happy to choose them as the consultants for my renovation work." —Preshanth

"I love how kaiu artisan give their idea and execute it. Love the outcome! Will recco my friends" —Audrey

"Their service is key. The whole experience has been great. I give them my trust and they did not disappointed us. Will recommend my friend for their service. " —sze ann

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